LOT Transportation Company provides forwarding services in the ports of Nikolaev and Kherson in the south of Ukraine. Our company has been operating in this sector for 20 years. We possess enough knowledge, resources and possibilities to organize transportation for any kind of cargo.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of bulk, general and liquid cargoes were successfully handled  in the meantime. Moreover, we are engaged in transportation of military supplies, explosive and poisonous cargo, oversized cargo, and even livestock.

Taking into consideration rich experience and skill, our employees are very energetic and quick-minded enough to find an individual approach to each client. We'll consider all Your requirements and will offer the best solution.

LOT Transportation Company carries any cargo by sea, railway and trucks since 1993.  We will be happy to provide You with handling and transportation of Your goods in any part of the world. All you need is just send a request or contact us. Our staff will give You a full detailed response in the shortest time possible.